Recent Research

(2018). To Label or Not To Label? Hostile Perceptions of Fact-Checks and Their Sources in the United States. Presented at AEJMC.


(2018). Tracing Twitter Buzz: Clustering Hashtags and Handles About Mass Shootings and Gun Control. Presented at ICA, Prague, Czech Republic.


(2018). The Features of Tragedy, Expressions of Sympathy, and Debates over Policy: A Time Series Analysis of Mass Shootings and Social Media Discourses. Presented at ICA, Prague, Czech Republic.


(2018). Is Bad News Biased? How Poll Reporting Affects Perceptions of Media Bias and Presumed Voter Behavior. Under review.


(2017). Tweeting Mass Shootings: The Dynamics of Issue Attention on Social Media. In Social Media & Society.

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Other Media

Public-facing publications, media mentions, etc

CV Vitolo Haddad and Jordan M. Foley. “Understanding Through Debate” Capital Times, Madison, WI, December 28, 2016.

CV Vitolo Haddad and Jordan M. Foley. “Should Moderators Fact-Check the Presidential Debates? Yes, in Moderation” Center for Journalism Ethics, UW-Madison. October 9, 2016.


Academic talks, invited lectures, and other speaking engagements

Debating Public Opinion and Social Science Data on Immigration
Jun 29, 2018 10:00 AM
Researching Immigration: Navigating Your Media Landscape
Jun 23, 2018 10:00 AM

Classroom Experience

Theory, Method, Law, and Practice

I’ve taught in a number of classroom settings since 2009, instructing and mentoring students as they learn how to become better researchers, writers, and advocates.

Wake Forest University:

  • COM 220: Empirical Research in Communication

University of Wisconsin-Madison:

Summer High School Debate Institutes